Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Dream....

 It is official. I have resigned my position at Orvis, and will be moving to the driftless area of South West Wisconsin, a unique geological area full of spring creek trout streams. I will be starting a fly-fishing school featuring 2-day schools, Trout master classes, Casting instruction for all levels, and a guiding service. I am both excited and a bit scared... Muhammed Ali, one of my heros once said that if your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough.... Dream big, and have confidence! To all my friends,... When I get settled, I will have a glass of claret waiting for you, some jazz from my collection, classical too, and some unique historic rods to cast at my new driftless fly-fishing home and Erik Helm's Classical Angler fly-fishing schools and guide service. Come visit me. I will wax poetic. Many have begged me to teach and guide, but due to my job, I could not be independent. Now the sky is the limit, and I hope some of my 3,000 plus former students show up for what could be described as Erik Helm's Opus. (nod to Mr. Holland (film)).
Here I will be. Soldiers Grove, WI. Cheers, and wish me luck! 414-331-9102 Erik.helm1@gmail.com
Erik Helm

Lots more to come including new essays, articles, a book, and the sky is the limit.... Help me out by spreading the word, and love to everyone!