Monday, November 9, 2009

The most important thing to possess on the river

The most important thing to possess on the river

Fly rod? Reel? New shooting line? That new gadget?
Just simple curiosity.

Curiosity is a major driving force behind our journey as anglers. The angler that is not curious will stop prying under rocks and exploring. He or she is at a dead-end.
The curious angler, whatever his or her skill level, will continue to enjoy the little experiences of discovery and learning that make time on the water so absorbing and rewarding.

What is around the next corner? What if I bend down one wing on this fly? How can I get a clean drift into that back-eddy? How large or small a fly do I have to use? Will lake-run brown trout rise to a wet fly fished on a floating line? What is in this book?

Curiosity is what makes us open all the doors of life that hold the little gems of discovery.
It is why many of us took up fly-fishing in the first place. It is what drove us as children to explore creeks and ponds with a cane pole and bobber, and pry into gopher holes with a stick.
Let’s cross the river and fish from the other side…


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