Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ad augusta per angusta

The latin quote found on the top of the page translates roughly as “To high places by narrow roads.”

The path less taken can be a lonely one filled with rocks and brambles, sheer cliffs, and rough going, but when one finally climbs to the top, the entire journey is worth it. All the lessons learned along the way are yours - wisdom.

We all come to forks in the road of life. 90% of us will look to see what the rest of the sheep are doing. 5% of us will never be able to make up our minds and be swept away or sit on a rock at the crossroads for eternity.

The remaining 5% will branch out onto deer paths, dry creek beds, country roads, or mountain passes, and discover the essence of life and living.

That 5% will never be famous. They march to their own drummer.


  1. thanks for a great post and making me feel a bit better about myself today .had to quit a job because the boss was just a dick and i just started three days ago and it was a very rough thing to do but I had to take the road less traveled

  2. Bosses...
    Kind of remind me sometimes of the grade-school hallway monitors or junior crossing guards. Give 'em a little power over others and they get drunk with power.

    Oh well. Just think of it this way. You only had to take three days of it.

  3. My friend Rich said it is a sign of that im getting wiser in my older age that I was able to realize it wasnt what I wanted .Ive been almost driven to the road less traveled by the way our society has become .I see such a lack of respect for others ,from so many people today .I want to be above all that and not have drama in my life ,if im working for someone I will do the work but to be disrespetful to people who are working for you and making you money makes no sense .
    Wouldnt it make sense to make your people happy then they will work harder for you .If someone does something completely out of line that is when you repremand them.
    This is what is wrong here in the fishing world a lack of respect for one another .So this is what makes me try to find that road less traveled and forget the disrespect that is so present in the world today .Great post Erik

  4. I'm happy to have taken my "road less traveled" and am glad you have found yours. But I must say that I miss not being able to have these discussions in person at work like we used to in the old days.

  5. Hey Sherri!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I too miss the ability to pause and sigh, and then impart wisdom or solve the world's problems together in an ad-hoc manner. That was a once in a lifetime team. It had to be to survive...

  6. Happen to serve through the net and found your blog. really inspiring!

    I am thinking of getting a tattoo of the verse "ad angusta per angusta" to remind myself of the difficult times that i had been through and that the road ahead will still be hard, but it all will ccome down to greatness someday. :) thanks!

    oh btw, is it per angusta ad angusta or ad angusta per angusta?


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