Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to fall in the river.

Readers of this blog may be aware that from time to time, I toss a bit of barbed humor into the mix, and the most frequent target of that humor is myself. After all, if one cannot poke fun at oneself, then one may be in danger of taking oneself too seriously.

The other day I placed a loop of line over a budding branch hanging over the water. I rolled my eyes and tried to free it. It remained stuck like it was attached with glue. Instead of wading back to the branch and carefully freeing the line, I instead commenced pulling on it. Newton’s third law of physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, when I freed the flyline, I cart wheeled ass over teakettle backwards into the water. Unbelievable. I laughed and shivered all the way through the next two hours. It is amazing that I can wade through minefields, only to manage this Laurel and Hardy sort of act.
I hope someone got a good laugh out of it. I know I did!


  1. I employ the two footed punt when falling in

  2. Last November I did a hat floater on a run in the big Snake Trib. Lost my stetson, and my flask. Hung on to everything else and managed to get to shore about 200 yds from where I slipped. I was "just another drowning mammal" there for a second.

    Quotes are John Geirach....but I cannot remember from whence it came.....

  3. One of the reasons I don't chew gum while fishing...

  4. ..I often do the double step in the mud followed by water racing down into my waders! Even know I see the slope is steep! Newton darn you!


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