Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brief wisdom #1

It isn't the rod, its the fool behind it...


  1. And that fool would be me. I keep learning. I hope to keep learning. Always.

  2. so very true so true!!!
    great blog you have by the way!!

  3. Ha!
    The post is so accurate... and I am the fool as well...

    There is so much to this. We all look for shortcuts in lines and rods, but often it is a better us that really matters.

  4. I'm traveling to MI for a week swinging some ridiculous flies and having hopes a fish eats it! O yea and I'm traveling 8 hours to do it! Most ppl look at me like I’m a fool, but it is they who will never know what they are missing!

  5. You are absolutely right! Fly fishing in Utah requires the patience. If you don't have the endurance to stay the course... don't go.


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