Friday, November 14, 2008

Bright connection...

Finally. All it took was a heck of a lot of perseverance. The fish simply took out six inches of the loop. I felt nothing for around ten seconds or so, then lifted the rod, felt resistance, and set the hook. A pretty buck. The swing is so slow here compared to out west that several times I almost fell asleep. I am awake now!


  1. Beautiful...I hope to fish the Milwaukee sometime soon..not quite sure where the good spey water is but I have a map of access points...

    Thanks..keep up the great site...

    If you might be willing to give me a heads up of where to start swinging (not looking for honey holes) would you email me?



  2. Check out a place called Victors...I hear it's really easy to "swing" there. It's definitely an "access point" in Milwaukee.

  3. Nice work Eric! there ARE steelhead in the Milwaukee. A black and blue tube? What kind of head are you fishing with these days on the old runs?

    "When you visit strange waters, go alone.... Play the game out with the stream! Go to it completely handicapped by all your ignorance. Then all you learn will be your very own."
    R. Sinclair Carr, 1936

  4. Will,
    I am fishing a custom made tip. I spliced 3 feet of T-14 to six or sever feet of a windcutter 678 midspey upgrade insert I cut. The short heavy head flies as straight as a lure, allowing me to place casts between tree branches and such.
    The rod is an Echo 13' 6" 8/9
    and the line is a Sci angler skagit that I cut back from 35 feet and 600 grains (body only) to 27 feet and 515 grains.

    Even with the short tips or intermediate tips the old Mil. and it's construction debris rocks and rebar snag a lot of flies. Low water here is as tough as always...

    As for Victors...I tried that, but they only admit center pinners....

  5. Erik,
    Thrilled you found a fish!!!!

    Thoroughly enjoy your blog too. Keep up the great work.


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