Monday, November 3, 2008


Sometimes I feel as if I am tilting at windmills here. Websters defines 'Quixotic' as impractical or impracticable. I would add romantic blended with delusional and futile.
Which... is what I feel like on our local river as I charge forth to fish empty water in search of a dream. I wonder where the fish are?

But, in reality, this is what makes steelhead fishing the sport it is. The longer one goes without a grab, the more the grab is appreciated when it finally comes. We are like people who repeatedly hit ourselves in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when we stop, or like a man who walks across a desert solely because the drink of water on the other side tastes so good.
I think I need a psychiatrist.... I feel the windmill calling....


  1. I have made it a point to use the word "Quixotic" as often as possible over the last year and it works, especially since as a salesman of cap equip and a steelheader there is easily as much failure as success, almost always way more.

    You embrace epic failure to know true success. Great post Erik.


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