Sunday, November 9, 2008

When all is dreary...

I was going to fish today. I even put on all the undergarments and carried my bag to the car. The temperature was 35 degrees. It was snowing, and a strong upstream wind was blowing. Combined with the low water and no fish, I chose to stay in my apartment, drink hot cocoa, listen to Bach's b-minor Mass (Solti-Chicago) and tie bright things on a dark introspective day. While being moved to tears by possible the most sublimely beautiful music ever written I came up with this. The upper photo is of a more formal approach, while the lower constitutes a fishable and quicker approach.


  1. Great flies,

    You gotta keep hope alive!
    Our river are aweful up here as well. It can be hard to return from the Western Wilds, especially when the waters are this low. in 2002 I went into a serious funk for several weeks after returning from the Thompson to find our river in drought and no fish.

    I am glad that music and art can revive you in tough fishing times.

  2. Erik,

    Thanks for the blogging. Very refreshing. I'm steelheading on the Clearwater, writing from a motel in Orofino. Cheers!!! Hope is not lost!!

    Ken Campbell
    Bigfork, Montana


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