Friday, March 27, 2009

The Classical Angler goes international

Wow. I had no idea of the wide distribution of readership of this blog until I utilized a visitor tracker.
Check out the map image.
For now, before the rain and snow mix blow out the river so that even us die hards are forced off of it, I am going fishing. Look forward to some pictures of the Milwaukee at 1,500 cfs.


  1. Wow Eric,
    There is some impressive spatial variation in people looking at your blog. Nice job.

  2. Oh no, don't let the readers know you can track them! LOL Seriously, it is kind of freaky to see the data you can obtain- and know what others are learning about you.

  3. cool ! that little flag in France is me !
    (i've been here a few times before)

    great blog Eric. i enjoy the writing.



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