Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where did it all go? Hey, check out my new rod!

In my small efforts in coalition with other anglers regarding the Dam at Estabrook, I have been both pleased with the concerned anglers coming out of the woodwork to help us, and shocked at the general complacency of fly fishermen. Many of us seem so obsessed with our toys that we rarely see the big picture.

So, I must say what is on my mind…

The Last fish…or fiddling while Rome burns.

Saturday, March 12th 2022, 9:52 am: The last steelhead in North America is caught and killed, silently.

Meanwhile on the Internet forum ‘Steelhead Central’

‘Fishinmachine’ posts: “Dude, my new ultra-switch 4 foot rod is the killa! I can whack the fur at 100 ft.! Steelhead beware…I’s a killa!

‘Speygoon’ posts: “Hey machine, way to go. What line you usin on that killa rig?’

‘Limitsout’ posts: “I caught a steelhead on the Wind River last week, it took a glo-bug I tie with glow in the dark yarn and surveyor’s tape . I call it “Obama’s Mama.”

‘Tyinsnob’ posts: “ Has anyone tried peeing on deer hair to make it more yellow and caddis like? Just wonderin?”

‘Gearfondler’ posts: “Hey, I want to start a poll. How many two-handed rods do you own. I have 246.”

Meanwhile, on the gravel bar… The last steelhead twitches once, flicks its tail, and lies silent, the life fading from its eyes.

An old man sits beside a fire in a wilderness cabin, slowly takes out a notebook and writes a haiku:

“Dozens of fly rods

Not environmentally aware

Swinging flies in empty water.”


  1. ‘Limitsout’ posts: “I caught a steelhead on the Wind River last week, it took a glo-bug I tie with glow in the dark yarn and surveyor’s tape . I call it “Obama’s Mama.”

    I think I saw the same dude a few weeks ago:))))

    It is sad but true my friend, all our fancy gear doesn't mean thing without these wild fish and the habitat they need. These fish are a reflection of wider world.

    On a happier note, I'll make a few casts for you out in the mist of unnamed coastal river with bright and mysterious fish. The woods and water call...

  2. Erik,

    HUGE grassroots movement here to defeat the new and improved access bill that would effectively limit the publics right to its water easement across private property. This is a case where we the fisherman united. Sent our letters NON STOP to the reps. Made our presence known on capitol hill. Held a rally. Did not let up. Bill was killed today.

    Certainly not the end as now is the time to push the accelerator and influence the supportive reps to form a proper bill (a virtual copy of Idaho's would be perfect).

    Point here is we can't wait for others to speak for us. Don't sit pat and let things happen. Apathy as is expressed on nearly every fly fishing website will sink us.

    Grass roots lobby still works. If enough people would stand up and say NO things will happen. Even against the realtor and farm bureau lobbies. WE outnumber them. Today's instant communication works to our favor.

    I want to thank you for taking the time to write. And make posts on the various websites asking for help.

    Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, unless its directly happening to YOU there isn't any support. By that time its usually too late.


  3. Erik,
    Another great post.

    The apathy often tips me over. But, like William mentions, WE can make a difference if WE get involved! Let us remind those in elected office they work for US!

    Take care,

  4. Good insight Erik. Here in the PNW it is much the same.
    Testosterone poisoned men-children are at their chest thumping best but when it comes to making an effort to save a few wild trout? Could not be bothered!!!


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