Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two new fly designs

Getting back to the subject of tying and fishing classic flies for steelhead, here are two new fly designs.

The first is an unnamed Spey/Dee fusion inspired by Bob Blumreich, a Wisconsin fisherman, guide, and expert dresser of classic flies.
I used bronze mallard wings in a Spey style, while the throat and butt are more of a Dee style. The hackle is dyed black blue eared pheasant, followed by dyed red golden pheasant, followed by dyed blue guinea fowl. It is designed as a clear water winter fly.

The second fly is designed as a waker. A modification of the bomber, it exposes the hook gap more, and has a more forward profile. The butt is of peacock herl, the body black dyed deer hair, the wing is black bear, and the hackle is dyed red golden pheasant. I added the hackle in order to have a little contrasting color and provide movement.


  1. Erik, that is one sweet looking waker! It almost looks like it's got "attitude".

    Can't wait to see it in the corner of a OR/ID/WA fish!

    If we're lucking maybe in the corner of a WI fish!

  2. Erik,
    The waker looks fantastic!

    Make some plans to head this way and put it to the test!

    Take care,

  3. yeah,
    I like both of those, especially the waker. Will be interested to hear on you think it fishes compared to some of your other floaters.

  4. What a gorgeous waker! Definate different 'rake' to it... Unique.

    I don't remember the exact quote.. Something about emulation being the highest compliment. A couple similar in my pocket will testify.



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