Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Asian Carp knocking on the Door to Lake Michigan

Stopping Asian carp might be like trying to undo the opening of Pandora's box.
If or when they establish themselves in the Great Lakes, say goodbye. Possibly the largest ecological disaster in United States history. You just have to love man's unending fooling around with mother nature.

Good article and background information here: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2009-11-30-asian-carp_N.htm

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  1. Harking back to my (relative) youth as a commercial fisherman, I've got a few ideas on how to eliminate these carp. For pete's sake we managed to do a pretty decent job on a fair percentage of our indigenous species before those bleeding heart liberal pansies got there panties in a wad. Preserve the resource for future generations? what the hell for? Kill 'em all for profit, that's the American way!(Please, please take that as tongue in cheek... In retrospect, I'm not all that proud of some of the things I contributed to.) Nonetheless, I think all it would take would be a coherent plan, a lot of hard work and oh yeah, money. Whoops never mind. Heh. Even if we couldn't eliminate them completely, we could sure put one hell of a dent in the population. The thing is though, it would take a yearly "booster" otherwise they'd just bounce back. Suppress and control if you can't exterminate. It could even be partially self-funded. I mean for the love of god, I've seen how they make fake crab meat! I fail to see why carp couldn't be utilized in a similar manner. Add the potential for fertilizers and pet foods, and I think we could plug it as an economic ploy to the same kind of small time politicians who just approved all that money for your Eastbrook dam. --AJ


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