Thursday, December 3, 2009

Irish Shrimp

Introducing the Irish Mourne Shrimp.
I found this fly along with others in a copy of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying (UK) from Sept/Oct of 2000.
The flies are designed to pull fish from slow flows with hackles that pulse. Hmm... sounds like something that can work on some of our slow-water reaches, and provide a possible alternative to leeches for those of us that are into classic flies. The oval tinsel body provides plenty of flash, while the schlappen segments and gold pheasant tail should provide movement.

I actually fished this fly on the Kooskooskie for a day, and it did pulse quite well, and had great presence in the water. I also fished it on my local river two years ago, but got it caught in a tree, and decided that was enough of that!
But this year, with dedication to the floating line, and trying to solve the problems associated with soft water and low flows with classic flies, I pulled it back out and fished it.

They are rather easy to tie.

Morne Gold Shrimp:

Tail: Several full feathers from golden pheasant in various colors
Rear body: Med. Gold oval tinsel to half point followed with four or five turns of orange schlappen.
Front Body: Med. Gold oval tinsel to front followed with four or five turns of black schlappen.
Wings: Jungle cock turned upright.
Head: Red
Hook: Should be heavy enough to actually sink the fly.

This series of Irish shrimp flies may actually be the grandfather of our General Practitioner pattern.

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