Friday, December 11, 2009

Traditional Skunk

Meet The Skunk.

The prevailing theory is that this fly originated on the North Umpqua, but the exact original tier is a matter of debate. Wes Drain is mentioned. It is one of the original flies used for steelhead in the Pacific North West.
This fly, once very popular, has fallen out of vogue and was eclipsed by the Green Butt Skunk.

I tied this one according to a number of different sources. The fly is usually tied with a black chenille body, but the original may have used peacock herl.
So, I started with a dyed golden pheasant tail. The body is peacock herl and black ostrich herl spun together with fine silver oval tinsel. The wing is polar bear.

I was priveleged enough this fall to see and touch some actual 3/0 to 5/0 skunks purchased directly from Joe Howell's flyshop on the North Umpqua.


  1. Oh yeah! It may have fallen out of vogue with fishermen, but the steelhead still dig it. That fly fishes great on the Clearwater in July/August. I really really like your version with the Peacock body. Peacock and Polar Bear...How can you go wrong.--AJ

  2. Thanks AJ.
    Your comments are always welcome.
    Just wait, and the string-leech version will come out. New and improved...

  3. Ha! Oh boy! I can see I'm not gonna live that down anytime soon! Cheers--AJ


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