Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Marmalade Skies

I recently obtained some dyed coyote hair from a friend. (Thanks Dave!)

The guard hairs were just crying out with wild colors, so I sat down at the vise and answered the call of inspiration. The idea was for a winter fly I could fish on a light sinking poly-leader. I wanted this fly to have calling power.

I actually liked the first result, which is often rare. I have a whole box of reject ideas; things that seemed like a good idea at the time, but when they came to fruition, looked like cat pee. That would make an entire article there; things that didn’t quite make it.

When posting this fly on a tying forum, I wondered aloud what other names people would come up with. Marmalade Skies was a clear winner. Lucy in the sky with diamonds…

Hook: 2/0 Bartleet

Tip: Fine oval gold long

Tag: Burnt yellow floss

Tail: Four peacock sword barbs tilted upward to meet wing

Butt: Black ostrich

Ribbing: Med. Oval gold followed by small ovel gold

Body: Rear in front of butt, six to seven turns of orange floss, Orange Angorra Goat mixed with hot orange SLF remainder

Body Hackle: Claret neck

Wing: Four peacock herls under yellow dyed coyote. Orange coyote over.

Collar: Doctor blue followed by kingfisher blue

Head: Black

I have a suspicion that the early spring fish in dark cold water may like this.

* Note: No hallucinogenics were consumed in the conceptualization nor the realization of this fly. Is that a flying purple monkey?


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