Monday, February 8, 2010

My personal funniest moment of 2009

The setting: somewhere in a river valley.

The plot: Erik’s car breaks down, and he has to ride with his friend for a day of fishing and then off to a mountain town to see about a tow and find if anyone can work on a VW.

The incident:

Well, I had to transfer all of my necessary items from my dead car to my friend’s truck. I needed food, fishing gear, and essentials. Somehow I forgot something.

We get to the mountain town after a morning of fishing and begin to search for a foreign car repair place or somewhere with someone with most of their teeth left. We locate one, and as I am going to go inside, I realize that I have left my shoes in my car, which is dead beside the river. What to do?

My friend, ever the helpful sport, offers to loan me his unused but brand new extra pair of wading boots. I agree. As I tie the laces, I realize that I am dressed in all black capilene, and now am wearing size 13 lime green clown shoes. Walking in the things was like a girls first attempt at pumps. Here I am in some mountain town, dressed in black spandex and giant lime green clown shoes and about to ask for a tow.

They must still be talking about the strange way people from Wisconsin dress…

Moral of the tale: We all look like complete idiots sooner or later.


  1. I remember Ed Gray writing about attempting to buy a pair of sunglasses with the little magnifiers in them. His wife vetoed the purchase on the grounds that they were "geeky." Ed asked her how she thought they looked in baggy waders, mosquito head nets and all manner of little metal and plastic doo dads pinned to their pockets. For many of us looking ridiculous is an everyday occurrence. We get used to it. Mostly. In my part of Idaho it helps to have a strong ego and occasionally a Smith model 357 .41 mag. Anyone who frivolously packs heat around here must be OK right?

  2. That's classic! I can see it now and it cracks me up. Thanks for the good laugh my friend.

  3. Hang on to that HUnters of Brora jacket.....they have closed down! But there are still two other good mills. One is about 15 miles from me here in Kelso area.

    A very large friend took to wearing those glasses...he looked just like a Panda Bear in negative!!


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