Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Few Flies, or it is a long winter…

First up is the Bloody Mouse.

Tail is sable, wing is skunk, and the body is made from segments of grizzly soft hackle and fiery red SLF.

Next up is the famous Atlantic salmon bomber style fly The Green Machine.

I tied this one more like a traditional bomber.

Next, a cross between a Rusty Rat body and Cossboom with a green wing I call the Highland Rat.

Next, A sort of experiment in orange, yellow and green.

And Last, my attempt at a married wing Irish style Thunder and Lightning. Dressing per Alcott.


  1. Jeeze you do nice work Erik! I assume that the "bloody mouse" is a waking fly? I had a vivid mental image of me standing in a small stream back home banging that thing up against a cut bank...

  2. AJ,
    Thank you for the compliment. The T&L bites next to a perfect one. I have gotten a bit better and more consistant lately, but that is because I started tying flies as samples for commercial offerings.
    The Bloody Mouse could be tied as a waker, I am sure with the AJ hook, it would not sink. It is actually easy to tie.
    I actually took a steelhead on the same pattern on a size 4 hook with an orange rabbit tail. That one was tied a bit sparser and used green dubbing. I forgot all about it. Coming back to roots if you will...

  3. About the only thing I saw wrong with the Thunder and Lightening was a slightly over sized head. But the proportions, and the nicely married wing... again, well done my friend. Certainly light years beyond anything I can tie.

  4. Aye Laddie,
    Ee dune got the head a wee big. Tha' is why ee dunna like tyin 'em. Too much time, and something always goes wrong.

  5. However, when tied the traditional way on an eyeless hook, it is almost impossible to get Syd Glasso heads. Look at any of the old salmonfly texts and the heads tend to be anywhere from the size of Erik's to some that are significantly larger yet.

  6. I thought those Green Machines were meant to be fished wet, not as bombers.

  7. Anon, You are correct. I tied it more full and used a light wire hook. I have a color plate of them from Warren Duncan showing them tied both ways. I should tie one sparce on a double for comparison.


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