Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back against the wall

Spey rods and casting can really come in handy. Just take a look at Rob fishing this run on the Deschutes. If he wades out far enough to make a back cast with a single-hand rod, he would be floating past the camera. In this run the only cast we were able to utilize was the reverse snap-T. It was made for this. I have spent a lot of time with my back against the wall, so to speak. Finally I got good at it. The right equipment helps too. Here is where Skagit and Scandinavian heads shine. Rob got me into Scandinavian casting. I watched as he cast his Loomis and Vision Ace combo to the other side of the river, while I tried not to whack my 14' rod and windcutter into trees and bushes. A shorter rod helps too.
Dec Hogan says in his video "Style points don't count when your back is against the wall." He could not be more right. How ever you get it out there, is how you get it out there. The fish don't live on the bank.

Man that water looks fishy...

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