Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a mess...

This disaster is my flytying area. It used to be a dining area. Now I eat somewhere else. My priorities are a little warped. The reason it is a mess is that is the way I am. A mess. I also detest having to constantly find what I am looking for, so materials are either out, or in large ziplock bags. Tools are stored in drawers and also spill out all over the table. Clippings are everywhere. Maybe this is an over reaction to my father. He was always after me to clean up my stuff, and he himself kept his workbench meticulously neat and tidy. All his tools hung in their proper place on pegboards. With all that organization though, he crippled his ability to work on something. Each time a tool was used it was placed back into it's original packaging and put away. I like to have things handy, so my bobbins, hair stackers, and dubbing loop twister are always handy. Someday though, I really have to organize this better so it doesn't look like the craetive lab of a mad ornithologist.

(The statue is a really large David standing on a plaster column. I am obviously nuts.)

Seeing this mess, it becomes apparent why I am not married...

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