Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer run fly box

Here is my summer run box. As little Joe said when he saw it, "That is a lifetime supply." Hope not...
The box contains;
Muddler wakers, October caddis bombers, thunder and lightnings, Balmoral variant featherwings, my autumn twilight, black max, black doctors, blue charms, and a bunch of other junk. Three or four of the bombers were tied by LeRoy Hyatt. The rest are all tied by me. The largest fly is a size 2 and they go all the way down to size 10. Those summer fish can be real grabby, so small flies are usually the best. Besides, who wants to cast Christmas ornaments if you don't have to?
I am an obsessive tier, so when I get turned on to a pattern, I inevitably tie too many. Then, when I don't like the pattern, it gets dumped in an old pile of flies that I always intend to organize, but never get to. As far as what I think works in a summer fly, I like dark patterns with a contrasting color somewhere. Usually black is the dominant color.

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